I just wanted to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to you.  I have passed my Financial Accounting course FAC1503, and I passed with a distinction.  I really cannot believe that I actually passed this course, and would like to thank Mr Viljoen for his lectures, knowledge and patience.  I really enjoyed the lectures and also bought the DVD.  All of this was such great help.  Thank you once again.  I  am so happy I passed this course.

Tumelo Qhali

Oct/Nov 2015, Lecture & DVD

I am very pleased and thankfull for teaching me UNISA FAC 1502 Accounting. I have NEVER done Accounting before and this was my FIRST TIME but through attending your evening lectures I was able to PASS Accounting first attempt. Your Accounting DVD was very very helpful because its got “Revision Exercises” for all TOPICS covered on the Accounting Syllabus. The DVD enabled me to check what I did wrong while I do exercises and it also explains in “Detail” how topics & exercises are interlinked so you can get a “Full picture of Accounting”. Thanks also for being available for questions on your mobile phone up to the last 15 min before the exam. May GOD Bless you and your Family for your “Whole Hearted” Contribution in Producing Competent Students in the Field of Accounting. Frank Manciya

Oct/Nov 2015, Lecture & DVD

For a while I was  struggling passing  Accounting FAC1501, until i purchased the Accounting DVD from Mr. Viljoen (Accounting School) three days before I sat for my exam it really helped me a lot as I got  77% in my exam,  with little bit of time I think I could have gotten better results. I  can safely  recommend this to any student who struggles with accounting as a subject. Elvis Malatji

Oct/Nov 2015, DVD

Ek het resultate terug ontvang vanaf UNISA vir FAC1501. Ek het die vorige semester FAC1501 gedruip met 34%, Ek het weer geskryf met behulp van die Accounting School en het geslaag met onderskeiding – 83%. Ek wil net baie dankie se aan Oom Tienie. Ek het die aand klasse bygewoon en van die oefeninge deurgewerk en die DVD het regtig my ook baie gehelp. Ek het glad nie so goeie resultate verwag nie. Weereens baie dankie! Nadia Fourie

Oct/Nov 2015, Lecture & DVD

Oom ek wil net weer eens regtig baie dankie se vir daai dvd oom sal nie glo waste verskil dit gemaak het nie ek sou dit regtig nie gemaak het sonder hom nie regtig baie dankie. Oom vind aangeheg my lysie wa oor my boekhou 3 gaan sal oom hulle kan help dat ek kan klas loop vir die een asb. Baie dankie vir als. Elriza Du Plessis

February 2015, DVD

I had tried on my own to STUDY and pass the module but I fell short. I decided to register for lectures at the Accounting School the last semester and with the lecturer’s passion for the subject, hope for us to make it and patience for the students, I attended all the prescribed lectures for my group, PRACTISED also at home and took part in the CLASS exercises and finally PASSED the module’s exam in May/June 15 remarkably without needing the YEAR MARK to help me pass. What a blessing to have the school in time of need and I am going back again for the FAC 1601 to complete my degree. I take my hat off to the lecturer for His help. Wow, what I relief! Tembisa Tifi

May/June 2015, Lecture

I would like to give feedback on the DVD I bought at Accounting School for FAC 1502. First of all I just want to say that I never had any Accounting experience (subjects) before, not at school, not after school. All my subjects at school were technical and after school I’ve studied Electrical Engineering. Last semester when I took FAC 1502 I tried to do it on selfstudy using the study guide as well as the handbook. It was an absolute nightmare and with the exam coming closer and closer with me still struggling with everything and stressed out I’ve received an SMS saying there is a DVD available for FAC 1502. I immediately ordered the DVD and I must say what a rescue….!!!! I left the study guide and the handbook because it didn’t help me at all. I just worked through the DVD. The explanations on the DVD puts everything nicely in perspective. I’ve started to understand everything, and when it came to the exam I was feeling confident and I’ve PAST!!! I which there is more DVD for the rest of the Accounting subjects. I will buy them all…..!!! Louis Oosthuysen

March 2015, DVD

Ek wil net ‘n GROOT DANKIE sê vir Oom Tienie.  Was dit nie vir hom nie het ek beslis nie Financial Accounting geslaag nie. Hy is ‘n kenner op die gebied en ek beveel enige iemand wat sukkel met rekeningkunde aan om Accounting School se kursusse by te woon…..DIT IS DIE MOEITE WERD! Met my eerste probeerslag in 2014 het ek liederlik gefaal, maar na ek Oom Tienie se klas bygewoon het, het my punte met 30% verbeter. Groete van ‘n baie dankbare student. Wian van Eyssen

Mei/Junie 2015, Lecture

A thank you letter Good news! I passed FAC 1503 with 82%. I’d really like to thank you I would never have made it without your classes. I would further urge students to get the DVD because in class I would understand but battle when I got home. Once I got the DVD I did not even have to look at my text book or my study guide, I mastered trust accounts effortlessly. I thought I’d not made it after writing the paper as it was difficult and very different from previous exams but I applied all principles learnt from the DVD and here we are! All thanks to Accounting school. I have put up your brochure on my Whatsapp and Viber profile. More students need to join your classes. It was money very well spent. Please continue giving classes Muriel Malape

July 2015, DVD

Where do I start? I started my Bcom Management Degree in 2007. There was a time where I gave up my studies because of the way UNISA sets its accounting and economics papers. I have written both ECS1A/B and FAC1601 A/B for Almost 10 times and failed. A colleague of mine told me about your accounting school. GOD am I glad that I registered with you school.  All the tiredness of coming from work and coming to classes on Wednesday evenings for FAC1601 and go back home with homework and coming back on Saturday afternoons was a bit hectic but you know what? I am not regretting at all. It was all worth it. I could not believe it yesterday when I got my results!!!! I was literally shaking and started crying because I had passes all my subjects including FAC1601 and ECS1601 after writing both modules for the 3rd time. I could not believe it!!!!Even now as I am writing it feel like a dream. I cannot for the life of me believe it! I keep on going back to my examination results to check if what I truly seen is what I have truly seen. My way to ZK MATTHEWS (Graduation Hall) is getting clearer. If I get credits for my last two subjects, then I will graduate in April if not, September it shall be. I HAVE BEEN DREAMING ABOUT THIS MOMENT FOR A LONG TIME. I just want to thank you and your dedicated staff for selfless assistance and patience. I will definitely recommend your school to others. Ohhh and thank you for nice coffee!!! MAY GOD BLESS YOU. Tsholofelo Molefe

Oct/Nov 2014, Lecture

Passed exam on the first attempt without even looking at the textbook (only used the DVD). Mr. Viljoen was very helpful, highly recommended.

It was my first time doing accounting in my entire life. The dvd was the best investement I ever made. Although I only got 50% but I was relieved it was a pass. Testimonials