Accounting School Courses


Lectures are presented by Mr. M.J. Viljoen, a former senior lecturer and acting course leader for FAC1501/2/3 with a Masters Degree in Accounting. He knows exactly what is required for your to pass Accounting.

CoursesDurationLecture Times
09:00 - 12:00
  • We assist you with your assignments.
  • We work through old exam papers.
  • We explain and work with you through the full syllabus.
  • Some courses contain up to 40 questions that will cover everything.

Glory be to God. I thank God who gave Prof Viljoen  wisdom, patience and the love of teaching. The passion you show when teaching is truly incredible. You have imparted something in me that no man can take (Confidence), I realize that nothing is impossible or rather difficult all you need is to have the right people around you. I failed Accounting 1502 in 2011 & this year ( June 2013) I registered with Accounting School then I passed with 61% though I believe that I could have done better than this but I `m grateful that I made it. Am so happy, Hallelujah God is great. Keep it up PROF Viljoen you are the best gift accounting students may ever have. May God bless you and may He give you life more abundantly. Kind Regards

Cyliah van Krugersdorp